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  • Oil Field Chains
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Oil Field Chains

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 606, ANSI B29.1 and API Spec 7F for the oil and natural gas industries. Products are of made of high quality alloy steel and available in either single strand or multiple strand (up to ten strands). Heavy duty series of Oil Field Roller Chains are also available on request.

Chain Size

   80S-1,    80S-2,   80S-3,   80S-4,    80S-5,   80S-6,   80S-8
  100S-1, 100S-2, 100S-3, 100S-4, 100S-5, 100S-6, 100S-8
  120S-1, 120S-2, 120S-3, 120S-4, 120S-5, 120S-6, 120S-8
  140S-1, 140S-2, 140S-3, 140S-4, 140S-5, 140S-6, 140S-8, 140S-10
  160S-1, 160S-2, 160S-3, 160S-4, 160S-5, 160S-6, 160S-8, 160S-10
  180S-1, 180S-2, 180S-3, 180S-4
  200S-1, 200S-2, 200S-3, 200S-4
  240S-1, 240S-2, 240S-3, 240S-4


High productivity, high speeds, high shock loads, and high cyclic loading in the oil field put great demands on roller chain.
So the oil field used the highest quality steel, manufacture all parts to stringent tolerances, and provide the most effective heattreatment processes to maximize tensile strength and shock load resistance.


Highest quality alloy steel.

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Oil Field Chains