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  • Roller Chains with Straight Side Plates
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Roller Chains with Straight Side Plates

Chain Size:

ANSI Standard: C40, C50, C60, C80, C100, C120, C140, C160

                             C08A, C10A, C12A, C16A, C20A, C24A, C28A, C32A
DIN/ISO Standard:  C08B, C10B, C12B, C16B, C20B, C24B, C28B, C32B

Heavy duty type and Super series cottered type chain are also availabe.

Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Suface Treatment:
The carton steel roller chain can be nickel plated, zinc plated, Daromet-plated for enirnoments require resistance to acids and alkali.

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Roller Chain with Straight Plate