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  • Double Plus Chains
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Double Plus Chains

The conveys goods 2.5 times or more faster than its chain speed by means of two different diameter rollers. Products conveyed are carried on the large rollers and the small rollers are engaged on the sprockets. Friction between the small roller and the larger roller makes the two rollers like one roller.
When a stopping device is placed in front of the goods, the large rollers rotate in the opposite direction
when the products conveyed are stopped and accumulated while the small rollers continue to rotate in the running direction.
Chain Size:

BS25-C206B,  BS25-C208A, BS25-C210A, BS25-C212A, BS25-C216A
BS30-C206B,  BS30-C208A, BS30-C210A, BS30-C212A, BS30-C216A

Material:  Carbon Steel,  304 Stainless Steel.

Important to choose Right Roller:

A Type: Roller for standard application.
B Type: High friction plastic Roller for quick startup
C Type: Discharge electrostatic buildup
D Type: Offer quick startup and discharge of electrostatic buildup.

For Different type roller, we use different color. You can match different type for small and big roller for the application.

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