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  • Roller Chain With U Profile
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Roller Chain With U Profile

The chain with U type attachment between outer plate and inner plate. Like top profile to conveyor. It can be load heavy goods, moving smoothly.

The U attachment can be with hole or without hole.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain with U type profile also are available.

Chain Size: 

08B-U1, 08B-U2, 10B-U1, 10B-U2, 12B-U1, 12B-U2, 16A-U1, 16B-U1, 16B-U2, 20B-U1. 24B-U1, 08B-U2F2, 16B-U2F1, 16B-U2F2, C2060H-U1, C2060H-U2


Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel. Usually, the U attachment is used stainless steel.

* In the powder
 application, the design can be used U profile outer plate to instead of U type attachment, with stainless steel material.

● The U Profile can be with holes according to the requirements.
● There is another series that wihtout outer plates to suitable for low speed and lighter conveyor.

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Roller Chain with U type attachment