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  • Roller Chain With Vulcanized Elastomer Profile
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Roller Chain With Vulcanized Elastomer Profile

The chain sticked with Rubber profile on standard roller chain, used in conveyor of food, package, book, furniture,pottery and porcelain, etc. The rubber profile can avoid abrasion and sliding. 

Chain Size:

08B-G1. 10B-G1, 12B-G1, 16B-G1, 20B-G1, 24B-G1, 12A-G1, 16A-G1, 20A-G1, 08B-G2. 10B-G2, 12B-G2, 16B-G2, 12A-G2, 16A-G2, C08B-G1, C10B-G1, C12B-G1, C16B-G1, C50-G1, C16A-G1


Carbon Steel and Nitrile Rubber. It can be use PU Elastomers to instead of Rubber to suit for the applications required wear-resistingheat resistancecorrosion resisting, etc. The size and shape could be designed according to your requirements.


The color of Rubber could be Black, White, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, etc.

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Roller Chain with Elastomer Profile