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  • Hollow Pin Chain
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Hollow Pin Chain

We manufactures hollow pin chain in standard roller chain, double pitch chain, conveyor chain with or without rollers. Some type chain are without bush. 


1. Roller: Steel, Nylon, etc.
2. Hollow Pin: Seamed, Seamless.  In some application, hollow pin should be used seamed.
3. Surface treatment: Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating.
4. Stainless Steel are available.

Hollow Pin Roller Chain:

Chain Size: 10BHB, 12BHB, 16BHB, 60HB

Long pitch hollow pin roller chain

Chain Size: 
 HB38.1, HB40, HB50, HB50.8, HB63, HB100

Hollow Pin Chain without Roller

Chain Size:  08BHPF, 10BHP, 12BHP, 16BHP, 40HP, 50HP, 60HP, 80HP

Hollow Pin Conveyor Chain without Roller

Chain Size: C2040HP, C2050HP, C2060HP, C2080HP, HP38.1, HP40F2, HP50, C40HP, C50HP, C60HP, C08BHP


Hollow Pin Conveyor Chain with big Roller

Chain Size: C2042HP, C2052HP, C2062HP, C2082HP, C2042HHP, C2052HHP, C2062HHP, C2082HHP, HP40R, HP50R, HP50.8R, HP63R, HP75R, HP100R, HP152.4

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Hollow Pin Chain