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  • 72B-4 Super Series Standard Roller Chain
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Super Series Standard Roller Chain

Super series chains are designed for heavy duty applications. They are similiar to our standard series of chain, but the component
s are specially finished and treated to increase their strength.

• Through hardened pins for more strength
• Wide waist design for greater fatigue resistance. Wide waist and maximized ball heights for all our link plates; improves stress distribution, increases fatigue strength and reduces vibration.
• Ball drifted plate holes for a better press fit

There are two main series of standard precision roller chain: American Standard and Europe Standard. Most of other state standard are coming from these two standard.

A Seires precision roller chain complies to:
American Standard:  ANSI B 29.1
Germany Standard:  DIN 8188
International Standard:  ISO R606 (Type-A)
Japanese Standard: JIS B 1801
B Series precision roller chain complies to:
Germany Standard: DIN8187
International Standard: ISO R606 (TYPE-B)

Chain Size:

ISO Standard:     08A, 10A, 12A, 16A, 20A, 24A, 28A, 32A, 36A, 40A, 48A
ANSI Standard:  40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120.140, 160, 180, 200, 240

DIN Standard:     08B,10B,12B,16B,20B,24B,28B,32B,40B,48B,56B,64B,72B

 high quality Alloy steel.

Suface Treatment:
The carton steel roller chain can be nickel plated, zinc plated, Daromet-plated for enirnoments require resistance to acids and alkali.


• Excellent wear resistance.

• Significantly higher fracture-resistance than the normal.

• High fatigue strength.

• All chain plates used high quality material, annealing treatment before punching.

• All chains pre-stretched with >50% breaking force following assembly.

• With gas carbonitriding treatment for chain parts to improve wear resistance for chain parts.

• Wide-waist plates, reducing the stress concentration of plate holes, guarantee chains with high fatigue strength.

• The side plate are shot peening to improve fatigue strength (improve around 85%).

• Bush – manufactured as seamless or curled depending on the application requirements.

•The bush and Roller are shot peening to improve fatigue strength, to suitable higher speed chain running.

- In Middle speed chain transmission, the loading capability of chain transmission is depending on the fatigue strength of chain plate.

- In Higher speed chain transmission, the loading capability of chain transmission is depending on the fatigue strength of bush and roller.

- More higher speed, more lower loading capability for chain transmission, and pin and bush may glued to cause chain failure quickly. It needs high quality chain parts.

• Constant geometry and high surface quality result from the use of modern production technologies.

• Chains are checked for before shipment: ultimate tensile strength, length tolerance, freedom of articulation and assembly component integrity, inspection of the press-in seating of the pin outer links and bush-inner link interfaces.

The high standard of quality assurance conforms with the high requirements of ISO 9001.

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