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  • Gall Chain
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Gall Chain

Multiple Plate Bearing Pin Chains

Draw Bench Chain

The Gall Chains used multiple plate and thick strong pin. The multiple plates will improve a lot to absorb shock to make the moving more smoothly. They are used for transfer of high traction force with low peripheral speeds – not higher than 0.3m/s. These chains can be made of stainless steel for application in water.

The chain also have straight plate type, installed washers with each pin, named draw bench chain, widely used in metals and steel industries to meet their specific metal drawing requirements. 

DIN Standard Chain Size:

MP15, MP20, MP25, MP30, MP35, MP40, MP45, MP50, MP55, MP60, MP70, MP80, MP90, MP100, MP110, MP120


Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel for the application in water.

* We 
manufactures a wide range of sizes, materials, and ultimate strength ratings up to 1,000,000 pounds.
* Lots of steel mill and heavy equipment manufacuturer use our draw bench chain. The world famous metallurgical equipment supplier, DANIELI, also use our chains.

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Gall Chain