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  • O-ring Motorcycle Transmission Chain
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O-ring Motorcycle Transmission Chain

Our motorcycle chain are made of high-quality alloy steel, with small hardness tolerance after heat treatment to achieve higher toughness, tensile strength and impact resistance. The carbonitriding process for pin and bush increase the surface hardness for the components. Shot blasting process for the plates, bush and roller increase the fatigue resistance.

Our Super series chain used special pin, which used chrome alum coating and boronizing process increasing the surfance hardness from HV0.2 750 to HV0.2 2000, which is same with the abrasion standard from Japan, reducing the elongation from abrasion of the chain.

O-Ring/X-ring Chains achieve permanent lubrication sealed between pin & bush which ensure with longer lifetime and minimum maintainance. X-Ring safely sealed lubrication inside the chain during its lifetime and let the chain run much smoothly, engaged better than O-Ring chain.

With Soild bush, high quality pin material and 4-sides riveting. 

Chain Size:

420H-O, 428H-O, 520-O, 520H-O, 525-O, 525H-O, 530-O, 530H-O,
428H-X,  520H-X, 525H-X, 530H-X.

Color Available: Gold finish, Silver Finish.

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