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  • S Type Agricultural Roller Chains
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S Type Agricultural Roller Chains

Our quality Type S and A steel agricultural chains are produced according to ISO487, ANSI B29.19, BS 2947, DIN8189 standard.

Chain Size: S32, S42, S45, S51, S52, S52L, S55, S55H, S62. 55V, A550, A557, A620

Surface Treatment: Shot-Peening, Zinc plated.

Attachment:  K1, 220B, 220D, F1, F4, E1, C1, 

Application:  A type usually used in Feeder House.
                      S32 chain is widely used in elevator
                      Other S type chains are widely used in Feeder house, Clear Grain, Return Grain in agricultural machine.

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S Type Agricultural Chain