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  • Paver Chain
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Paver Chain

These chains are designed and constructed to give the best combination of strength and toughness. The chains are balanced to ensure continued safe operation. Sidebars are hardened to resist the impact loading that may occur. Rollers are specially heat-treated to resist outside diameter abrasion inherent in asphalt conveyors. These special features make our chains long-lasting and keep your operation running smoothly.


Three types of chains are typically used in asphalt plants:

• Inclined Scraper Conveyor Chains are used to move the asphalt mix into storage hoppers.

• Drive Chains are used on rotating drums to mix the aggregate and asphalt.

• Bucket Elevator Chains are used to move aggregates to storage silos and are sometimes used to move the asphalt mix to storage hoppers.


We produce full range of paver chains with two series.  HT series paver chains are highest accuracy and highest wear resistance for OEM customers, high fatigue resistance and tension strength is achieved by specialist processes and technologies. Please contact with us for more information.


Chain No. Pitch Inner Width Roller Tension Strength
RMC5057 57.15 26.99 22.23 49.1
SGR188 66.27 26.8 22.23 124.6
RMC15310 66.27 26.8 22.23 124.6
RMC14070 66.27 26 24 137.2
RMC20080 80 33.7 27.94 200
RMC25080 80 35 26 250

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