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  • Bar Screen Carry Chains
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Bar Screen Carry Chains

THis is a powerful chain designed to be sufficiently resistant to corrosion, wear and impact so that it can serve the purpose of removing massive trash under severe conditions. It is of the offset type, which can allow lengthening and shortening in units of even a single link.

Fresh water has a different chemistry than salt or brackish water and has a different impact on chain. Several different types of materials are used, including heat-treatable, stainless steels, alloy steels, and cast iron rollers. Choose the construction that is right for your application.

Chain Size:

HR60020R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60025R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60040R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60050R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60063R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60080R:  Pitch 600 / 400
HR60920R:  Pitch 609.2
HR60925R:  Pitch 609.2

The bush could be used engineer plastic or lubricant-free roller.

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