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  • Link Chains for Main and Auxiliary Cane Carrier
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Link Chains for Main and Auxiliary Cane Carrier

Chain Size:

P30152:   Pitch 152.4,    U.T.S. - 34000 lbs
P60152:   Pitch 152.4,    U.T.S. - 63000 lbs
P70228:   Pitch 228.6,    U.T.S. - 71400 lbs.

SP Series engineer class chains are produced to withstand the most rugged condition.

1.The heat treatment technology for optimizing the parts ensures the super wear-resisting property and excellent shock resistance performance.

2. The unique sleeve production technology can maintain a precise gap, to reduce the foreign matters and increase friction durability.

3. High-precision pitch control ensures smooth and low-noise operation of the chain.

4. Perfect coordination: Through strict control of the out-pressure of pin roll, sleeve and chain-sheet, it eliminates the slide of parts, and increases fatigue strength to the maximum. 

5. The consistency of all parts can ensure that each point of the conveyor chain can be easily dismounted.


High-quality parts are the foundation, but not everything. We are also concerned about each process of the entire chain, to realize high standard of chain design, craft, assembly, examination, etc. In order to achieve excellent performance, we are willing to customize products for the user.

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