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  • Big Size Silent Chain
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Big Size Silent Chain for Steel Factory and Iron Mixing Care

The big size silent chain designed for heavy machinery need very high strength, durability,stable and silencing. It suit to application where shock or very high loads are encountered, or where space is limited. It can work with sprocket or gear.

Chain Size:
Pitch:  38.1mm to 63.5mm.  
           It can be designed for your special application. Please contact with us for more information.

Guide Form: Inside or Outside

              Inside Guide                                                     Outside Guide

The chain worked with sprocket or gear.

The sprocket are typically made from carbon steel or ductile iron, with teeth heat treated. Other materials are available, subject to customer preference, sprocket size, cost, etc.

In General, larger sprocket or gear diameter will provide for smoother operation, less vibreation, and longer life. The tooth profile of our sprocket is designed to suit for our silent chain.

We can produce the big diameter sprocket or gear up to 3m, meet for most of application for heavy duty material industry.

Steel factory,  Iron Mixing Car.

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