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  • Suspension chain for ship unloader
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Suspension chain for ship unloader

The chains are used special material and heatment, make the chain pretty durability, higher strength and better ductility. There is special steel ring in side to let the chain lubrication free.

The chains are working in an open surrounding without lubrication and there is much mine dust around them. The main fuilure form of them is abrasion. Especially the short lifespan of the outer-sleeve and dowel result in the shundown that makes a great deal loss.

Chain Size:

GJ350550:    Pitch  350mm,        Ultimate tensile strength:  5000kN.
GJ300320:               300mm,                                                 3140kN.
GJ250350:               250mm,                                                 3430kN.
GJ325395:               325mm,                                                 3870kN.


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Suspension chain for ship unloader