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  • Hollow Pin Palm Oil Chains
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Hollow Pin Palm Oil Chains

Since 1999, we have started to cooperated with Ewart to produce Palm Oil Chain and Sugar Industry Chain. With many years in designing, testing and application experience, our technology of components process and heat-treatment assure our palm oil chain with higher tensile strength and strong shock resistance ability.

Please Note: It is easy to get higher breaking loads by increaing component hardness. However, if the factory can not control the process, it is easy to get brittle parts which can easily break during high impact load such as a mechanical jam.

Chain Size:  

4 X 15000HP:    Pitch 101.6 X 18.90 X 47.6
4X21000HP:               101.6 X 19.05 X 47.6
6X36000HP:               152.4 X 25.40 X 66.7
6X36000HHP:            152.4 X 25.40 X 66.7
6X45000HP:               203.2 X 38.10 X 88.9


In Palm Oil process, it is polupar to use chain elevator and chain conveyor to convey the fruit, nut, kernel. Some factories also use bulk conveyor with conveyor chain to convey fuel boiler and dirt boiler but more efficient way is use scraper chain system.

1. Empty Bunch Conveyor
2. Fruit Elevator
3. Wet Nut Elevator
4. Dry Nut Elevator
5. Wet Kernel Conveyor


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