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  • Heavy Duty offset sidebar roller Chains
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Heavy Duty offset sidebar roller Chains

Heavy-Duty Cranked Link Transmission Roller Chain manufactured to ISO 3512, the cranked plate designed for high impact, heavy load tranmission and frequent intermittent work application such as power drives, construction machinery, steel mill and conveyors; it operates under the most severe conditions at moderately high speeds. 

Chain Size:  2010, 2512, 2814, 3315, 3618, 4020, 4924, 5628
                    WG781, WG103, WG103H, WG140, WG9525. WG7900, WG7938, WG1198


Asphalt:          Crane Crawler.
Foundry:         Drum Drive
Sugar Mill:      Roll Drive
                       Feed Roll
Steel Mill:       Furnace door
                       Reclaimer for iron ore and coal
                       Draw Bench
Refinery:         Drum Drive
Mining:            Crusher
                        Drilling Machine (long hole blasting)
Pulp & Paper:  Drum Drive
                         Barking Drum

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Sprocket:  It is suggested to use our sprocket together with our heavy-duty cranked tranmission chain. When chains and sprockets articulate correctly, the life of the chain is extended. Our carbon steel sprockets are heat treated, provides long wear life and resists abrasion.

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Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Roller Chain