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  • Engineer Steel Bush Chain
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Engineer Steel Bush Chain

This bush chain with a reduced number of components, has proved to be particularly successful in high duty, high abrasion application where lubrication is not possible. Our steel bush chains have been proving performance in mill duty centrifugal discharge elevators within the more difficulut applications encountered in the cement industry.

Chain Size:
S188, S131, S102, S111, S110, 4856, 4857, 4859, S150, 4864.

The chaind could be with attachment(A1, A2, A22, A42, K1, K2 K22, K24, K3, K35, K44, K443) for different chain applications.


We produce full range of steel bush chains with two series. 


Super series chain are also available, with high precision chain parts, optimizing heat treatment, designed and produced to withstand the most ruggest condition.

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