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  • NSE-W Bucket Elevator Chains
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NSE-W Bucket Elevator Chains with G Attachment

NSE type bucket elevator is designed for high speed conveyance and the speed is about double that of NE type. To withstand high speed operation and to reduce noise and shock, the chain pitch is one-half or less of that of the chains for NE type. To ensure high durability, pins, bushings and rollers are the same as those for strong Z-type.

The chain with G attachment for high speed bucket elevator, common used in transport for abrasive materials such as slag powders and fly ash.


Super series chain are also available, with high precision chain parts, optimizing heat treatment, designed and produced to withstand the most ruggest condition

Chain Size:

NSE-100W,  Pitch 76.2  Roller 36.5      Inner Width 36.5
NSE-200W,           100             44.5                          51.8
NSE-300W,           100             48.5                          57.6
NSE-500W,           125             63.5                          67.4
NSE-700W,           125             70                             75
NSE-900W,           150             75                             82.5

Application: Transport for abrasive materials such as slag powers and fly ask.

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