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  • Feeder Breaker Chain for Mine Machinery
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Feeder Breaker Chain for Mine Machinery

Feeder breakers are primary crushes with pick mounted roll crushers combining with a chain conveyor. The feeder breaker chains are designed to act as first phase crushers of mined mineral including coal, limestone, potash, gypsum and PET coke down to a suitable size for continuous transport.


It is steel bushed chain, especially designed and manufactured to provide excellent service in severe working conditions.


Chain No P b1 d1
2162M 78.1 34.98 31.75
9835M 88.9 39.8 44.45
111M 120.9 65.6 36.52
110M 152.4 52.83 31.75
5225M 57.15 49.53 28.44
146M 152.4 35.1 38.1


Super series chain are also available, with high precision chain parts, optimizing heat treatment, designed and produced to withstand the most ruggest condition 

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