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  • PVC Double Former Gloves Carrier Chains
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PVC Gloves Double Former Carrier Chains

We have started to produce conveyor chain for rubber glove industry since 2000 and is the member of China Rubber Industry Association.


We are committed to produce high performance latex gloves chain, enhance the efficiency and stability of the production line of gloves, and strive to reduce the cost of the user.


Due to higher temperature than rubber glove in PVC glove line , we use the chains without bearing and the long working life of chain is achieved by material and specialist and processes.


As a partner of China Glove industry, we supply solutions for conveyor chain for lots of glove factory. 

- Single Former Conveyor Chain

- Double Former Conveyor Chain

- Chain for glove mold release

- PVC gloves chain

- Mold speed reduce chain 

- Sprocket

- Shaft

- Coupling

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